Fairfax First Baptist Church
P. O. Drawer 820
725 7th Street W
Fairfax, SC 29827
Main Office 803-632-3228  Financial Office 803-632-2919

 Love God Supremely, Love Others as Yourself, Share the Gospel of Jesus



 Pastor James Davis

  Pastor Davis and his wife, Cindy, have served in the Nursing Home Ministry, Jail Ministry, Counseling Ministry, Long Term and Short Term Missions, and Pastoring. They feel like God is still growing and stretching them to be more like Jesus and will continue to grow them at Fairfax First Baptist Church. They have six beautiful children and four grandchildren that they love dearly. Pastor Davis has a Bachelor's degree in Theology and Cindy has a Master's degree in Nursing Education. They love fellowshipping with their family and church family, being outdoors walking, hiking, and exercising together. Their goal is to make the Lord and the people of Fairfax First Baptist Church proud as they represent Christ in their new community. 

Contact information: 706-831-8304